Colombian Coffee Flight

**Preorder open for delivery May 27-June 3**

Experience coffee from different farms and regions within the same country. The Colombian Coffee flight includes coffees from 3 different regions in Colombia. Choose from 8 oz and 12 oz bag sizes.

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Hone your tasting skills! Coffee flights help you taste what is typical of coffees of a certain origin and what is unique to the coffee or coffee farm.

Each coffee is similarly roasted to eliminate taste variability from roast degree. The Colombian coffees flight includes:

  • Colombia Totoro - This unique microlot features plum sweetness and acidity with a touch of tobacco complexity.
  • Colombia Narino - A current Mellow & Mild offering. This coffee features cocoa and sugar cane sweetness with a touch of orange.
  • Colombia Huila - This coffee tastes predominantly of nuts and bittersweet chocolate with a slight herbal aftertaste.

$36 for the 8 oz flight (24 oz total), $46 for the 12 oz flight (36 oz total)

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