Coffee gear gift ideas under $101

January 15, 2019

(Note: this post originally appeared in November of 2018 with a holiday focus.)

coffee gear set-up ideas from slow wave coffee

Looking to give a little more than a bag of coffee for the holidays or another special occasion? A quality set-up doesn't need to break the bank. Each of these options can be purchased for less than $101, and many for much much less.


For "the Explorer" 

Just because you're away from civilization doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great cup of coffee. A plastic or metal pourover cone paired with a sturdy, non-glass vessel is a great option when out in the wild. We like the RTIC Insulated Coffee Cup and a Plastic Hario V60 or metal Kalita Wave. Add a small, portable hand grinder like the Hario Mini Slim and really be prepared for anything (or just bring coffee pre-ground for pourover like we do).

Total set-up cost: $60-$78

Coffee gear for the Explorer

Pictured here:

RTIC Insulated 12oz Coffee Cup ($15-$18)

Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper, Size 2, Red ($8)

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill "Mini-Slim" ($30)

Not pictured: Kalita Wave 185 Dripper ($25)

For "the Go-Getter"

A well made cup of coffee can offer the comfort of home even in a life filled with airports and hotel rooms. The Coffee Gator Travel Brewer looks like a travel mug, but includes a filterless brew system for maximum simplicity and portability. This gear will ensure you never use a sketchy in-room coffee machine again.

Total set-up cost: $58

Pictured here:

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker ($28)

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill "Mini-Slim" ($30)

For "the Entertainer"

Serving coffee for a group requires a brewer with a large capacity, but many pourover cones top out at one or two cups. Surprisingly, a $10 french press from Ikea is a great option for larger capacity brewing. Pair it with a cute stackable mug set and you're ready for post party coffee or a weekend brunch party.

Total set-up cost: $68-$101

Pictured here:

Ikea French Press (UPPHETTA) ($10)

Hario MSCS-2DTB Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus ($45)

White Stacking Cups Set of 6 ($13)

Not pictured:

Chemex Classic Series, 8-Cup (wooden collar; $41)

Chemex Glass Handle, 8-Cup (all glass; $44)

For "the Weekender"

For those who mostly make coffee at home only on the weekends, splurge on a stylish Chemex and some fun, unique coffee mugs. If you don't have an electric grinder, add a Hario Skerton Plus... you have the time.

Total set-up cost: $100

Pictured here:

Chemex Glass Handle, 8-Cup (all glass; $44)

Hario MSCS-2DTB Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Plus ($45)

Fluted coffee mugs (about $5 each)

Not pictured:

Chemex Classic Series, 8-Cup  (wooden collar; $41)

For "the Minimalist"

It doesn't get any more simple than a coffee mug and some great coffee. You can add a little dazzle by selecting a unique mug especially for the coffee drinker. 

Note: Most of these items can be purchased from Amazon and other major online retailers, provided you're the DIY type.

If you want it all done for you, reach out to us at and we'll help you put together a custom gift package.

All custom gift packages are made to order, so allow 10 days from order date to delivery. 

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